Happy New Year from BPWA!

2 years ago on the morning of Christmas Eve, our lives changed up here at BPWA….we watched as not only the business we worked, but the place that owned our hearts burned to the ground. We almost immediately began to speak of our fond memories that took place in that building, and then we charged on. We still have the memories, and we’ve been able to create new incredible memories since this tragedy took place. With the sheer drive and determination of Henry, Sue, and the Lewis family, we all knew that everything would be ok. 

So, here we are! A brand new office and shop, bigger and better than ever! We are excited to embark on this brand new adventure with every one of you that has enjoyed Bobcat over the years, and those of you still yet to experience what we have to offer up here in the mountains of New Mexico! God bless you all for the support and prayers, we felt them and prayers do get answered! Thank you! Come see us at the new Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures for an experience you will never forget! 

Bobcat Mercantile

For more information on snowmobiling, click HERE.

For more information on our ATV/UTV tours, which we are currently running, click HERE.

Call us at 575-754-2769 to book your tour!


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